About us

About us

For 40 years, International dance group Hai la joc has been a landmark group for international dance in the Groningen region.
Hai la Joc was founded in 1979 by a number of enthusiastic dancers from the recreational folk dance association Teu.The group takes its name 'Hai la joc' (Romanian for 'Come dance with us') from the title of a long-playing record of Romanian folk dances. Due to different compositions of the group, Hai la joc's programme has always been varied.

Hai la joc has an extensive international repertoire:
from Dutch to Bulgarian, Turkish to Mexican and Argentinian to South African.

The group performs on average once a month, mostly in and around the city of Groningen, for a varied audience. In addition, Hai la joc has performed several times abroad at international festivals.

Artistic director: Emile Apol

Emile Apolis the artistic director of Hai la joc since 2021.

Before that, he danced with the group for many years.

He specialises in dances from the Balkans. He created several choreographies for the group by himself, including a Dutch series. Besides dancing, he is also a musician, playing various instruments, such as flute, trekzak, tapan, etc.