Compilatie van dansen van Hai la joc

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Hai la joc is a dance group for international dance in Groningen that enthusiastically rehearses weekly and performs on average once a month. Under capable leadership, we continue to strive to improve both our dance technique as well as appearance and presentation. Hai la joc has an extensive number of international choreographies: from Dutch to Bulgarian, from Turkish to Mexican. We dance in matching costumes, either from the region itself or made by ourselves according to original models. New international choreographies are also regularly added to our repertoire, keeping both watching and dancing at Hai la joc interesting, varied and challenging!

Are you curious whether dancing at Hai la joc is something for you? Feel free to come and take part in a practice evening.For more information, see Become a member.

If you are looking for a dance group that can come and give an interesting performance, feel free to look further on this web site at what we have to offer and contact us via the Bookings page.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Nienke Stobbe

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